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We are so fortunate to have such wonderful and loyal clients. Below are testimonials provided by some of the families, residents and business owners we have served over the years. 

Eighteen years ago we moved into a home that had a pool. We had no clue as to how to maintain the pool but through some friends we were connected with Blue Water Pools & Spas. Bob came out and said "I'm Bob, your pool guy and I'll be here to take care of your pool anytime you have a question, need supplies, need a repair, or need to open or close your pool".  Blue Water Pools & Spas has always responded promptly to our request for help and have never let us down in all the years they have been servicing our pool. They've opened and closed the pool. and fixed pumps, heaters, sand filters, and plumbing leaks. They've also saved us money with their tips on avoiding water chemistry and clarity problems. We love working with this family owned company and will continue to do so as long as we have a pool. Thanks for the great service! -Cheryl & Craig

I hated my pool. Each year I had to look forward to constant attention to water testing, cleaning, filter maintenance, etc. The vacuuming was a chore, with the s-l-o-w pace of the vacuum tool on the bottom, the constant filter back flushing, and did I mention the slow pace? I was considering having it removed.  Then came Blue Water Pools & Spas, what a relief to have these activities performed on a regular basis at what I consider to be a reasonable cost. I get itemized monthly bills and I can forget about having to constantly set aside time to vacuum. When the pool needs attention, I send a quick note to Molly and it is taken care of. I love my pool now. Thanks to you and your staff for making my life better and keeping our pool sparkling.   -Richard

We have been using Blue Water Pools since we purchased our house in 2005 that had a pool.  Molly and Bob have been great.  Blue Water Pools keeps our pool maintenance free for us as they take care of all the maintenance and cleaning from opening to closing the pool.  They accommodate special requests such as coming out on different days for cleanings for parties, etc.  We highly recommend Blue Water Pools, Thanks for the outstanding service. -Dan & Bev

We would like to recommend Blue Water Pools & Spas, Inc. to anyone who would want a reference for your business. We have always been happy with the service and professional products and conversations!  Blue Water Pools has been timely and always a great service. We look forward to doing more business with you. We will be installing a new liner this spring and would not trust the job with anyone else!   -Rick & Pam

Too often business owners hear about the shortcomings of their efforts and I'm writing today to tell you how much Beth and I appreciate the great service you and your guys have provided the past several years. Pools can be challenging sometimes and Blue Water Pools makes it so easy to enjoy our pool with minimum effort. The Blue Water Pools staff really do help make our pool the best it can be and truly blue! You guys did a super job closing our pool earlier this month. It means a lot to be out of the country and trust your pool service company will do a professional job and not even have to think about it. Many thanks for your continued service!   -Bob S.